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How Wheat Grows: From Spring to Harvest

2nd Week of June

The wheat continues to “turn” – changing from green to gold in color.

As the wheat plant quits growing and begins to dry down, the stalks become brittle. The stalks may break instead of bending if the wind blows too hard, the rain comes down hard, or if hail or anything else hits the stalk. If a person or large animal, such as a deer, runs through a wheat field, the stalks of wheat will break and leave a trail to follow.

As the heads of wheat lose moisture and dry, it becomes harder to keep the individual seeds from falling out and onto the ground – called “shattering”. Wind or rain can cause the wheat to “shatter”. Once the seeds are out of the head and on the ground, the seeds cannot be picked up and the farmer has lost any opportunity to harvest the wheat. Without a harvest, the farmer has all the expenses of planting and producing the crop but no crop to sell to pay those expenses.