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Adopt A Wheat Field Kansas State University
Watch a wheat field on the KSU Agronomy Farm north of Manhattan, Kansas from field preparation, wheat harvest, and even through the milling and baking of the wheat produced by the field.

American Institute of Baking
All about baking, bakery management, and bakery resources.

CyberSpace Farm Kansas Women Involved in Farm Economics
Visit CyberSpace Farm and learn all about Kansas farms, crops, and animals. Fun facts, short histories, photo albums, and diaries & essays written by Kansas farm families.

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
Providing resources to K-12 teachers that integrate agriculture into science, math, language arts, social studies & other school curriculums. Check out the new "Exploring Kansas Crops" Educator's Guide and the new student magazine "Kansas Kids Connection - Grains and Oilseeds."

Kansas Communities on the Web
Kansas on the Net: From Abilene & Agra to Yates Center, Yoder, & Zenda & everywhere in Kansas in-between.

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Kansas Genealogy Project

Kansas State Historical Society
From trails to tales, if it happened in Kansas, you can find it here.

Kansas Wheat Commission
Fact sheets, recipes, resources, and more about Kansas wheat.

Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service
Information on agriculture, weather, census reports, land values, farm facts, county profiles and all kinds of other facts & data about Kansas.

Kids Field Day Kansas State University
A new kids site developed by a KSU Crops Specialist. Focuses on the crops grown in Kasnas and includes info about soils, weather, farm equipment, and much more.

K-State Research and Extension Kansas State University
Check out the on-line catalog of videos and publications, many which are available in .pdf files.

State of Kansas
The official web site of the state of Kansas.

The Wheat Page Kansas State University
Information about wheat and links to wheat resources.