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Avenue of Flags
Wakeeney, Kansas

A picture cannot
describe the breathtaking
panorama highlighted by
the Avenue of Flags at the WaKeeney Cemetary.
The flags and poles were
donated by the community, and installed by the American Legion and V.F.W. posts.

Christmas City
of the High Plains

Red and green Christmas
trees lining the main
streets all lead to the
40-foot-high tree in the
main intersection of
WaKeeney, the "Christmas City of the High Plains." The decorations have
delighted visitors
since 1950.

Hixson Diaries

April 26, 1998

It was cold and windy today. The weather forecast was for rain, but so far we haven't had even a sprinkle. A little rain would be good but we do not need a big storm. We went to church this morning then spent part of the afternoon working on the financial books of the church. Later in the afternoon we went out east of town to get a feed rack to fill and take back out in the morning. We will really be glad to get all the cattle moved out to summer pasture. Then it will be my job to check and salt them each week. I will have cows and calves in 6 pastures to check and salt. Along with that job goes the job of checking and digging any musk thistle or bull thistle that I find. Digging those weeds is a never-ending job.

April 27, 1998

Today was a drizzle day--cloudy but not much moisture. It rained a total of .05 inches.

I went to Great Bend to a Wheathearts meeting in the morning. We discussed our web site and offered suggestions that might help update it. I enjoyed visiting with other wheat growers. So far we all think we have a pretty good stand of wheat--but we have a lot of weather to go before we have the 1998 crop in the bins. Larry was home today. The irrigation circle got stuck! We have had enough rain to make a lagoon in one area. He was running the circle to help get the newly planted corn up.

April 28, 1998

The weather is definitely on a drizzle pattern. Today was again gray and drippy. Larry spent most of the day at the Farm Service Office. We thought with Freedom to Farm there would be less paper work--I think there is more! Of course since he is finishing up his Mother's estate more paper work is generated. Larry is a third generation farmer at the same location. Much of our farm and pasture land has been in the Hixson family since the early 1900's.

April 29, 1998

The weather is the same the third day in a row. We are getting tired of this--I wish it would rain or let the sun shine. Larry and I took the Ford Ranger pick-up to Hays to get it worked on. We ran several errands in Hays, including walking our 30 minutes in the Mall. It has been too wet to do that at home. We both try to walk at least 4 times a week.

April 30, 1998

The weather was beautiful today. I got to do my first mowing of the season with the riding mower. I will spend a lot of time each summer mowing. I mow the back yard with a push mower, the ditches and the big area South of the house with the riding mower and the acreage in front of the house with the old Ford tractor with a mower behind it. Larry was able to fix fence in the afternoon. We hope to get the rest of the cattle moved to summer pastures in the next few days.

I am ending my diary entries now. I will be back later to give an update on our family and harvest. We are looking forward to two new grandchildren in the near future. Krista and Darrin, along with their daughters Emma & Chloe are expecting a new baby the end of May. I will go to San Antonio, TX. to help whenever they call. Heidi and Steve are expecting their first baby the first part of July and again I will go to Annapolis, Maryland as soon as they call. If all goes as planned my summer will be Baby--Harvest (driving a truck and cooking) and Baby. I hope all parties keep that schedule in mind.

As I close I would like to invite all to come to WaKeeney, Kansas. WaKeeney is the Christmas City of the High Plains, located on I-70, half way between Kansas City and Denver. We have our town decorated all year and a Christmas theme is present in all of our stores. We also have a very nice Christmas store that is open all year. Come and visit us. The Hixson Farm is located just North of town. Stop by and we will show you around a wheat farm that also raises corn and milo and a 200-head cow-calf herd. Good bye for now.

--Jean & Larry Hixson

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