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Hixson Diaries

April 5, 1998

We attended church in the morning. The cleaning and painting jobs are finished and the church looks nice. It is still muddy and hard to get around.

April 6, 1998

We started the day early. Larry went out to feed. He took a portable corral out to the heifers early this morning. Larry, Joe and Milo worked to get the heifers in the corrals. We give the heifers a shot of lutalyse to make them come into heat, then tomorrow we will put four bulls in with them. We hope this makes them all have calves on about the same day or week next January. The veterinarian came at 11:30 to pelvic measure and give the shots to the heifers. We worked 60 heifers. We found 3 already bred and 4 too small to have calves easily. These 7 head will be sold at the sale in the near future. We need about 50 replacement heifers so we came out about right. The weather looked like it could rain any minute, but it was evening before the rain started.

April 7, 1998

It rained all night. We received about 1.25 inches by morning. We went to Marquette to Robert Larson's funeral in the afternoon. It was a long cold windy day. We did enjoy visiting with many relatives. Robert will be missed by many relatives and friends. It was too wet to feed cattle today. The roads are really getting to be a mess. I hope we have dry weather pretty soon.

April 8, 1998

Larry and I went to the final Lenten breakfast this morning. I had a church meeting at 9:30 to finish up plans for the Anniversary Celebration April 19. Larry spent the entire day working on closing his mother's estate. It has been 6 months since she died. There is lots of paperwork that goes with closing out the business of a lifetime.

April 9, 1998

Today was our first day of sunshine in a long time. It was a beautiful day. Larry and I still had some work to do at the church. In the afternoon Larry, with the help of a contractor hung a 7-foot banner I made for the front of the church. A committee helped design and make the pattern for the banner. I did the sewing. It was a real committee effort.

April 10, 1998

The mud is really beginning to dry up. It was warm with sunshine all day.

We finally had another calf behind the house. It was born about noon. We only have one more heifer to calf. She may be another few weeks. The calf is red and white like its mother and was up and nursing almost as soon as it was born. Larry salted all the cattle this afternoon. Everything looks in good shape considering all the mud they have had to live with the past week. I worked in the backyard in the afternoon. I hope it doesn't freeze again, I pulled all the leaves and trash off of all of my flowers. Many are coming up. I even have a few daffodils blooming. I guess maybe we can say "Spring has arrived".

April 11, 1998

We had a busy Saturday. Larry fed cattle until after lunch. Milo went to Wichita for the weekend. He hasn't had a day off for a long time. In the afternoon Larry and I cleaned the garage. Remember that we had calves in it not too long ago and we have had a very muddy spring. It was a mess and took most of the afternoon to get it clean.

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