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Hixson Diaries

January 2, 1998

The day is nice and sunny. We have had lots of snow this winter. We are glad to see much of it melt today. Now we have lots of mud. We are trying to feed cattle. We have a cow herd of 200 cows, 25 heifers that will have their first calf this month or next and 50 young heifers that we are saving to use as replacements in our cow herd next year. Our farm, known as Hixson Farms, Inc., employs two full-time men as well as Larry, and I help out when needed. A college student is part-time help in the winter and full-time in the summer. We are now dealing with mud and trying to get all the cattle fed every day. It takes most of the morning to accomplish this task. We need to move cattle home soon so we can help them have their calves. Most won't need help, but a few always do. The weather will determine if we can accomplish this task in the next few days.

January 3, 1998

It is a cold day; the temperature is 26 degrees F. Maybe we can move the 25 heifers home today. They are in a pasture about 4 miles north of here. We need to move them so we can use the corrals and the calving barn if the weather gets cold & snowy or the heifer has trouble having her calf. The calving barn is equipped with running water, shelter from the weather, and special equipment to help the heifer have her calf.

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