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February 1, 1998

Most of the day was spent traveling home. We were all tired after our fast trips to Salina and Topeka. Eastern Kansas received rain, but we don't think it rained here in the WaKeeney area.

February 2, 1998

This is the last day Krista and her daughters Emma and Chloe will be with us. We take them to the airport in Colorado Springs tomorrow. It has been a fun fast month trying to keep up with our very busy granddaughters. Krista washed and packed all day. I worked at the hospital in the morning. Larry worked on the church books. The weather was a little warmer so Joe bladed the roads. Milo spent all day feeding cows.

This evening we had a special treat in our community. The K-State Singers from Kansas State University performed at our high school auditorium. Kirk Dietz, one of the singers is from WaKeeney. A cousin, Matt Larson, from Marquette also sings with the group. Larry, Krista, and I went. A favorite babysitter came to stay with Emma and Chloe.

February 3, 1998

We started out about 9 a.m. for Colorado Springs. When we arrived to check their flight we discovered the flight had been canceled. They would not leave until 5:15 p.m. We went to the mall and found a children's museum, a pet store and a Disney store for the girls to explore. When we arrived back at the airport we discovered that their plane was late in arriving. They finally left Colorado Springs at 7:30 p.m. It proved to be a very long day for all of us. Larry and I decided to spend the night and drive home in the morning. As we watched the plane leave we watched the fog roll into the airport.

February 4, 1998

We started home early but icy roads and fog made our trip about an hour longer than usual. We arrived back at WaKeeney at 12:30 p.m.

We learned that the first cow had her calf yesterday--she had twins! That is a good way to start the calving season. The day was foggy and by evening beginning to get wet. We called Krista and learned that she and her girls made it home about 11 p.m. The neighbor that was to pick them up called the airlines and was told the wrong arrival time. They had a very long day yesterday.

February 5, 1998

Today was a very foggy day. All the trees were coated with a layer of ice. It truly looked like a fairyland by evening. Larry worked in the office and I worked at the hospital for the endowment foundation. Another set of twins was born today and we had our first single birth from the cows. So far all is going well with the cows and calves.

February 6, 1998

The weather was still cold enough that the ice on the trees didn't melt until after lunch. Very pretty weather but we are getting tired of cold dreary days. I think we all need some sunshine. Larry helped a neighbor load wheat out of some of our bins located 8 miles east of town. This wheat was some white wheat and needed to be kept separate from hard red winter wheat. We needed cold weather or the road would be so soft that semi trucks could not pull in and out of the long driveway. It took a lot of coordination to get trucks, a vacuvator (to clean out the bins) and the road in the right condition to make the project work.

In the afternoon Larry went to Overton, Nebraska to get the combine hydrostatic motor rebuild. We have two combines and this is the oldest, a John Deere 7720. It is19 years old. We hope that with this motor rebuild it will last another 5 or 6 years. A new combine is $180,000. Machinery is so expensive we need to make it last as long as possible.

February 7, 1998

Larry and Joe put a grain box on the second pick up. Now Larry and Milo can both feed cattle in the mornings. Milo will check the cows and tag all of the new calves. Larry will feed the replacement heifers and feed bales. I spent most of the day cleaning house and putting all of the toys away that we had for our Emma and Chloe. We have lots of Barbie clothes and several dollhouses so we have lots of little pieces to put away. We also had our many "dress up" clothes to put away. It was a special time to have our daughter and granddaughters here for a month.

One of the twins from the first set died. It is often hard for a cow to keep two alive without special help. This calf had been given an extra feeding with a bottle but still didn't make it.

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