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Hixson Diaries

February 8, 1998

Today was a warm sunny day. It was fun to watch the calves behind our house run and play and then stretch out and sleep in the sunshine. Larry and I went to church, then delivered plates of valentine cookies to the shut-ins from our church. We didn't stop to visit because the flu is really hitting our community and visiting is discouraged at the hospital and our nursing homes.

February 9, 1998

A very rainy day. We had .75 inches of rain today. Then by the middle of the afternoon it started to snow. Talk about cold mud--we have it now. Feeding the cows went ok today but tomorrow might be a problem. Larry spent most of the afternoon on our computer. He had all of our records on a DOS system called Smart and was trying to recreate most of them on Excel. When Krista was home, a high school friend or hers from Wichita came to visit and she does consultant work in Wichita on Excel. She spent several hours with Larry and helped him a great deal in his work with Excel. I hope to learn to enter the data once he has all of his spreadsheets created.

February 10, 1998

I was right--the mud is really a problem. Larry took a big bale of feed to the heifers and got stuck. He tried to drive on grass instead of the road because he knew the road would be about impossible. He got stuck in the grass.

We had our first calf in the garage this morning. He was born about dawn today and was wet and cold. We have a heater we plug in and try to warm up the new babies. Then I went out and rubbed on him to help him dry off and warm up. Larry and Milo moved him to the barn with his mother later this morning. Hope he gets up soon.

After my calf chores I worked at the hospital. Our endowment board has their annual meeting next Tuesday so I sent out meeting notices to all board members.

February 11, 1998

The temperature was cold enough to freeze last night. That made feeding a little easier this morning. Larry went to Hill City this morning for parts after he fed the heifers. In the afternoon he went to Hays to check with our tax accountant. Our corporation year is from March 1 to March 1 so he does a lot of year-end planning in February. He also had a few parts he was looking for in Hays.

I went to Oakley this afternoon to attend the monthly meeting of the Northwest Regional Library Board. I am serving on the board as a representative of our hospital library. We are trying to maintain our funding from the state legislature. It seems the State of Kansas has lots of money now but still they want to cut some of the budgets.

February 12, 1998

The morning was very foggy but by afternoon the sun was out and it was beautiful. It was very warm for February. Because it was so foggy the ground was very slow to dry out. Our driveway is still a mess.

In the evening Larry and I went to a meeting in Quinter concerning the formation of a dairy coop. We are interested because we could market some of our grain or alfalfa crop through them. We would own shares in the coop and if it made money would receive dividends. Belonging to a closed coop is a way for farmers to move closer to the consumer of their products.

February 13, 1998

Larry fed the heifers and the cows east of town today. In the afternoon he drove to Overton, Nebraska to pick up the hydrostat for the combine that he took up a few days ago. I left at 1p.m. and arrived home at 5:30 p.m. It was a fast trip. Now Joe can start to put the combine back together again.

In the evening we visited friends who have a farm software package that we are considering. The system keeps track of all their fields, the work done on them, who did the work, and the chemicals applied. We need such a system to keep all of the required chemical records for our farm.

February 14, 1998

Happy Valentine's Day. It was a cloudy wet day, almost raining in the morning. A friend and I went to Hays to find fabric for a banner we want to make for our church. Our church, the Presbyterian Church in WaKeeney, will celebrate its 120th anniversary April 19, 1998. We think a banner to help celebrate the occasion would be a nice addition. We found fabric that we like; now we need to get busy and get it made.

We now have 13 calves behind the house. They can run under the electric fence so are out in our yard most of the time. Their mothers stand behind the electric fence and bawl at them. We have 6 new calves at our pasture east of town that we call the Hillman pasture. The home pasture has 6 new calves. We are making progress but still have a long way to go. We have been lucky, so far we haven't had any bad snowstorms or real cold weather--but the winter isn't over yet.

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