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Hixson Farms grain elevator at the headquarters in the northeast corner of WaKeeney.
Heidi Cashman home helping drive a tractor
last fall.

Hixson Diaries

January 25, 1998

A warm beautiful day! Another calf was born to a heifer behind our house. We are now up to 10 calves. Many are old enough to run and play. They are so fun to watch. They can run under the electric fence, then their mother's can't get to them, so they stand at the fence and bawl until the calves decide to return to them. (Just like kids).

January 26, 1998

What a beautiful day, the weather has really gotten warmer. Today the high was above 50 degrees. The calves romped and played and really enjoyed napping in the sun.

The pickup with the broken tie rod was fixed by noon. It now needs the wheels aligned and the brakes fixed then it will be back in service.

The elevator is plugged so we can't haul any more wheat to the elevator until we rent a vacuvater to help unplug the auger and get the wheat moving again. Larry found a neighbor with the right equipment and made arrangements to borrow it in the next few days.

January 27, 1998

Today the temperature is to be 60 degrees. Emma and Chloe enjoyed playing outside most of the morning. They were playing on snow banks in the trees. Those snow banks are from our October snow.

Joe and Larry moved bales with our large bale mover. It holds 12 bales and is pulled with our semi tractor. Milo took two older bulls to the sale. We don't like to keep bulls more than 4 or 5 years. They get very large and hard to handle.

January 28, 1998

Larry left early in the morning to attend meetings in Marquette and Salina. He is on the American White Wheat Association board, a group promoting hard white winter wheat. It is like hard red winter wheat but the outer coating of the wheat kernel is a lighter color. It has a sweeter taste and can be used in whole wheat products. It produces products like bread, cookies, cakes and pies with the fiber of whole wheat but a milder, sweeter flavor.

The vacuvater was available today. Joe used it to load our wheat from the bin that was plugged.

We now have 12 baby calves behind the house. They really like these warm days. Krista, Emma, and Chloe had friends over and they enjoyed playing all day.

January 29, 1998

This evening our daughter, Heidi, came home for the evening. She attended a hospital meeting in Salina then came home to spend the night. It was a good chance for her to visit with Krista, Emma and Chloe. Since Krista lives in Texas and Heidi lives in Maryland they don't see each other very often. The weather is very nice for January, 50 degrees today.

Larry hauled more wheat to the elevator. We now have all of our wheat hauled to the elevator that we sold on contracts.

January 30, 1998

Heidi left at 7 a.m. to attend a meeting in Topeka. She and our son Jon will both be in Topeka to attend the Kansas Day celebration. This is the big celebration for the state Republicans.

Larry took Emma and Chloe out to feed today. It was a nice day and he managed to get Emma in a seat belt and Chloe in her car seat in the pick up. They really enjoyed helping grandpa feed the big bales to the cows.

January 31, 1998

Larry and I decided that we needed to go to Topeka to the Republican meeting so we could visit with Heidi and Jon. Since they both work in Washington D.C., we don't have a chance to see them very often. We had lunch with them and also with Heidi's in-laws, Don and Nancy Cashman. It was a very good visit for all of us.

Krista, Emma, and Chloe took our car and went to Salina to visit one of Krista's college friends. Larry and I took the pick up to Topeka. Milo and Joe fed the cattle and repaired machinery.

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