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March 1, 1998

March definitely came in like a lion. It was a cold and windy day but again we missed the rain or snow that we thought we might receive. Larry feed cows then we went to church. Since we had food left from the funeral dinner we decided to have a fellowship dinner after church. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we had a lot of good food. In the afternoon we took a tour of the farm, checking cattle everywhere, checking on the progress of the winter wheat crop, and the condition of all the fields. The wheat is small but looks good for this time of year. We hope we don't have really high winds or some of the wheat fields will blow.

In the evening we attend a program sponsored by the Trego Arts Council. It was a quartet of people that performed songs from Broadway shows. It was a very good evening of entertainment.

March 2, 1998

The day was sunny but still cold and windy. Milo brought a new calf to the garage to get warmed up this morning. He was very cold but after having the heater on him for about an hour he perked up. Milo took him back to his mother and he was soon up nursing. The warm up must have been just what he needed.

I worked at the hospital a couple of hours this morning. I need to file the income tax return for the endowment foundation. It will take me several hours to fill out the form and file the corporation annual report for that organization. Larry finalized the deal on the new pick up. It will be at least 12 weeks before it will be delivered. They don't make many farm pickups. Most are made for the urban driver that doesn't move bales and feed cattle with them.

March 3, 1998

Today was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Tomorrow the weather is to turn cold and a chance of rain or snow. We would like the cows to have calves today. As it turned out we had 4 new calves behind the house, another heifer had a calf and in the evening Milo pulled one more calf. We like to have the calves come on these warm days.

I baked bread in the morning. I had a new roll recipe I wanted to try. I may want to use it for my next presentation for the Kansas Wheat Commission. I have been contacted by a nearby school for a presentation for 5th through 8th graders. I usually let kids make pretzels but thought this crispy roll might be more interesting for the upper grade school students. I will have to talk to the organizers of the event a little more to know exactly what they expect.

March 4, 1998

Today was cold and cloudy in the morning but the sun was out in the afternoon. I spent the day at the church. A Bible study in the morning and working on a banner in the afternoon kept me very busy. Larry spent the day at a KCIA (Kansas Crop Improvement Association) meeting. He is on the marketing committee and a past president of the organization. They are discussing the issues surrounding Hard White Winter Wheat and how they will handle the certification of it.

March 5, 1998

This morning Larry and I had a meeting with our marketing consultant. He helps us market our wheat, corn, and milo. We use the futures market, call, options, forward contracting and the cash market to decide when to sell our commodities. Later in the morning we went to see a neighbors' Red Angus bulls. We are in the market for 9 or 10 bulls this spring. We found four that we liked and will pick them up in April. Two will be used with our first calf heifers and two will be used with our Simmental/Black Angus cow herd.

In the afternoon I went to Ness City to the John Deere dealer for parts for the planter. Larry stayed home to take delivery on a used swather that we are trading for. I hope it is easy to drive because I am to learn to swath alfalfa and feed with it.

March 6, 1998

A big snowstorm and blizzard is in the forecast but today the weather is beautiful. Larry hauled bales all afternoon. If it does snow and blow we will have plenty of feed near the cows. I spent the afternoon playing bridge. I have played with the same group of friends for over 30 years now. They have been a great support group over the years.

March 7, 1998

It snowed most of the day. Events have been canceled for most of the weekend. We are to get strong winds 35 to 50 mph by this evening. That will make getting around really rough. Larry and Milo fed cattle all morning, getting all of the feed racks full in case the storm is as rough as it is predicted. In the afternoon Larry went to Russell to a Red Angus bull sale. He purchased two more bulls. A neighbor had a stock trailer with him and he brought the bulls home for us. Larry would have taken a trailer, but the weather made it seem a little risky to take our big trailer out on the interstate highway if the full force of the blizzard hit before he got home. The neighbor's trailer was smaller and newer than ours and he sells them so he usually takes one with him to sales.

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