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Hixson Diaries

March 15, 1998

We are back to winter weather. Larry and I went out to feed this morning and a covering of ice was on everything. The calf is now sucking the cow. Maybe in a few weeks we can take the splints off and it will be able to walk. We attended church this morning and the afternoon I helped with the church services at the Long Term Care unit of our hospital and the Heartland Manor. We are normally K-State fans but were hoping KU would represent Kansas in the Final Four--no such luck. Rhode Island really put it to KU--For all of our KU family and friends--maybe next year!

March 16, 1998

Today was a cold rainy day. I drove to Oakley to pick up breads for the Festival of Breads. The Festival of Breads is a statewide bread-baking contest sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission and the Kansas Wheathearts. The contest is held every two years. I work with both organizations. Today my job is to pick up bread from across the State and end up at Manhattan at the KWC office where the bread will be judged tomorrow. After driving 50 miles to meet the driver from Goodland and Colby I drove back to WaKeeney. It was icy but just above freezing so I decided to continue on my route. I picked up more bread at WaKeeney and at Salina then arrived at the KWC office by 4:30 p.m. It was raining all day and just above freezing. I was glad to get to my destination.

March 17, 1998

I was one of the judges for the bread machine class at the Festival of Breads. A panel of three judges judge each class. We scored each loaf then picked the top two loves. Those winners will go to Manhattan and participate in the final bake off on April 4 on the campus of Kansas State University. We sliced, evaluated and tasted almost 50 loves of bread. Since the weather was still questionable I headed for WaKeeney as soon as I finished. I arrived home to discover the ground white with snow and a thick coating of ice covering all the trees. Many trees had branches broken under the weight of the ice. So far we still have electricity, but many parts of the state don't and won't have for several more days.

Larry warmed a calf in the garage this morning.

March 18, 1998

The trees and power lines are still covered with ice. I was scheduled to help with Grinnell Middle School's "Ag In the Classroom". After calling Gove county and checking the weather I decided to go. It was fun. I helped 57 students in the 5th through 8th grade make pretzels. I made the dough and they shaped the pretzels, we baked them and they got to eat them. All this took place in about 25 minutes. I had 4 groups of students through out the afternoon. I also talked about the food guide pyramid, growing wheat, and grinding wheat to make flour. The flour we made during the afternoon was whole wheat flour. I brought it home and made a loaf of 100 % whole wheat flour bread in my bread machine. It was an excellent loaf of bread. The students at Grinnell Middle School were a great group to students to work with. I made it home before the next storm was to start. Larry spent the entire day feeding cattle and preparing for the next storm.

March 19, 1998

The day was cold and windy but we missed most of the snow. It all went to the Southern and Central part of Kansas. The ice is still on the trees so we still have the problem of breaking branches and falling ice.

March 20, 1998

The temperature finally started to get warmer. Almost all of the ice melted today. Larry fed cattle all morning. In the afternoon I insisted that he go clothes shopping for himself. We are going to Washington D.C. to visit Heidi and Steve and Jon this Thursday and he needed some new duds! We found two pairs of slacks and three shirts at out local store in WaKeeney. Later in the day we drove to Hays to check on a large vacuum to sweep the walls of our Church. We found one to rent and I will go to Hays early Monday morning to pick it up and clean the Church Monday and Tuesday. I also picked up enough fabric to finish the banner I am working on for our Church's 120th celebration. The Presbyterian Church's 120th celebration is April 19.

March 21, 1998

Larry fed cattle in the morning. In the afternoon we both worked at picking up limbs and sticks that had broken off during the ice storm. It was a great day with warm temperatures and sunshine.