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Larry Hixson is enjoying the view by the trees.
The Cherry trees were filled with blooms.
Larry Hixson and Steve Cashman are launching Amber Wave in
Chesepeake Bay.
The crew is finally sailing! Pictured are Steve and Heidi in the back, Jessica, and Larry and Jean.

Hixson Diaries

March 22, 1998

We went to church in the morning after we feed cattle. We didn't see any new babies this morning. In the afternoon we picked up more tree limbs and sticks. It will take several more days of work to get all the damage cleaned up.

March 23, 1998

Larry spent all day cleaning the church getting ready for the 120th Anniversary on April 19, 1998. It was a big job--took a lot of work and a lot of scaffolding to reach and dust the stained glass windows and ceiling beams. I gave blood in the afternoon. Larry used to be a faithful donor but had prostrate cancer surgery last fall so won't be a good donor until he is cancer free for 5 years. In the evening we attended the Lions Club scholarship banquet. The local Lions Club sponsors the banquet every year to honor the students with outstanding grade points. This year Trego High School had a large number of seniors with 3.5 or above grade averages.

March 24, 1998

We are still fighting the mud. Larry moved limbs off the bales so he could feed the cows. The results of this storm will last for a long time. At least we had electricity. Many of our friends were without electricity for several days.

March 25, 1998

Today was a beautiful spring day. We are leaving the Hays airport at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow to go visit our son Jon, our daughter Heidi and her husband Steve for 6 days. We had to stop our mail and other chores that have to be taken care of before we leave town. In the afternoon we went to LaCrosse to Pelton's Red Angus sale. We bought three bulls. We hope we now have enough bulls for all of our pastures and cows this summer. We have purchased 11 bulls in the last month. All are Red Angus, which we will use with our Angus and Simmenthal cows. This evening I attended a hospital board meeting. We are anxious for our trip tomorrow.

March 26 - March 31

Our trip to Washington D.C. was really fun. We had extremely nice weather. We saw the cherry blossoms and many spring flowers. The temperature was 80 degrees most of the time. When we arrived about noon on Thursday we went to Heidi's office, then met Jon for lunch. We had not been back to visit since they changed offices after the 1996 elections. Jon is in the Longworth building and Heidi is in the Hart building. On Friday, Jon and Steve took the day off so we could help rig their sailboat for the season. It was a beautiful day and the boat engine started without too much work. We had a nice sail around Chesapeake Bay. We also spent Sunday afternoon sailing in the bay. We had dinner Saturday evening with my nephew Brett and his wife Bridget and Jon's friend, Jessica--lots of good food and good visiting. Thanks to Steve and Heidi! Our trip was over too soon. We flew home on Tuesday and arrived in WaKeeney in the evening. The weather was cold and wet the entire time we were gone.

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